[RC5] Dnet and K6/233 CPU cooling

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Wed Apr 28 23:18:07 EDT 1999

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Date: Wednesday, April 28, 1999 11:54 AM
Subject: [RC5] Dnet and K6/233 CPU cooling

>As the weather warms up here California, I notice that my CPU is running
>very warm (verging on hot) despite the large, cross-flow heatsink with
>attached fan and the auxillary fan blowing air across the heatsink.  Since
>it's an old K6/233 (3.2v), I know it's notorious for running hot but it's
>getting to the point of instability on hot days.

If it helps at all even here ont he east coast (Philadelphia), I have the
same problem with my AMD K6-233. I've started turning off the d.net client
simply because I'm really starting to get annoyed at all these blue screens
that keep coming up. (Time for linux eh?) There have even been a few times
when I tried to restart the computer, and I got a much more serious error
like "operating system not found," or "Hard disk not detected," and after
turning it off and giving it time to cool it was fine fifteen minutes later.

>Any better ideas aside from 100cfm of fresh air or a liquid nitrogen

Where is your computer sitting? If it's right up against a wall or in a
corner (where mine used to be), you might want to consider moving it out of
the corner so that the air the fans are blowing around can actually
circulate. Other than that, I'm still having crashes more times than I
should be.

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