[RC5] If you were writing our next client, what would you put init?

Roby Van Hoye DeRoby at mail.dma.be
Thu Apr 29 12:18:17 EDT 1999

At 17:23 27/04/99 +0000, David Cantrell wrote:
>> I would like to see some kind of system of primary and secondary buffer 
>> files.  I.E.  I usually feed buffers over a home LAN.  Lets say you have a 
>> laptop plugged into this LAN.  Whenever the client on it needs to read or 
>> write to the buffer, it first tries to access the buffers on my main
>> computer via the network.  If it is unable to do this (either because I am 
>> away from home with it or the network is not working), it should have the 
>> option of using a secondary set of buffer files (in this case I would make 
>> them local to the laptop).  This way if something goes wrong early in the 
>> night, all the blocks done that night are not disgarded.  I could also
>> away from home without the hassle of manually swapping buffer files and 
>> changing .ini files.
>I was thinking about this a lot, but since setting up a perproxy on my 
>home LAN everything's fine.  The laptop _usually_ just sits on the LAN, 
>working with small (10 block) buffers.  Prior to taking it away I 
>simply shut the client down cos running the CPU at 100% all the time 
>eats batteries.  [thinks - could I have a cron job check every few 
>minutes to see if the power has changed and do this automagically?]

I wrote such a program for Windows (VB5.0). It's works flawless on my pc
but when we installed it on a friend's laptop it crashed over and over. I
finally managed to get it stable on the other laptop but still wonder what
was wrong with the original value.
If anybody cares about tuning it, just send me a mail and I'll gladly
forward it to you. 
The principle is quite easy : use the Sysinfo.ocx events and when on
batteries put the file ExitRc5.Now in the program directory, if on mains
start the executable. Write a little bit of GUI around this and voila, off
you go.


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