[RC5] Dnet and K6/233 CPU cooling

Adam Zilinskas AZilinskas at SolutionsIQ.com
Thu Apr 29 12:12:07 EDT 1999

The problem might be the circulation of air in the 
 case. A big fan on a heatsink will not help if the surrounding 
 air is already at 100 degrees (F). 

Along with blowing air into the case (typically in the 
 front bottom), you need to pull the hot air out of the 
 case. Most system rely only on the power supply fan to 
 do that. 

Think about the path the warm air takes off the CPU 
 heatsink to get out of the case, there may be wide
 flat disk cables and such blocking the flow.
 Some careful placement of these cables may help.

There are fans that take up an unused ISA/PCI slot
  that will blow hot air out. I think this may work:

I have also seen hack jobs by people and by companies
 like HP on some models of the Vectra where they 
 build duct work to channel air specifically at 
 the CPU heatsink direct from outside the case.

An extreeme case of this is a Kryotek cooler:

Oh, the peltier coolers, they use alot of power to 
  make one plate cold. All the heat (both the CPUs and 
  the heat generated by the Peltier itself) shows up on the
  other side of the block. It really needs some serious air flow
  to pull that heat away. IMHO, better placement of fans
  is much cheaper and better than a baby fridge for the 
  top of the CPU. (You also will have to worry about water
  condensing on the cold part of the peltier).

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As the weather warms up here California, I notice that my CPU is running
very warm (verging on hot) despite the large, cross-flow heatsink with
attached fan and the auxillary fan blowing air across the heatsink.  Since
it's an old K6/233 (3.2v), I know it's notorious for running hot but it's
getting to the point of instability on hot days.  I've been encountering
NT4's blue-screen-of-death more frequently that I'd like.  I put a third
fan (with much greater airflow) aimed at the CPU heatsink and that seems to
have taken care of it but I was wondering what others do to cool these
inefficient beasts.  (My case now has 4 fans going and it's obnoxiously

Of course, turning off the Dnet client results in a cool CPU with no extra
fans.  :)

I flipped thru the good ol' MPJA catalog yesterday and put in an order for
a pentium-sized peltier cooler mounted to a big heatsink ($14.95), some
thermal goop, and as big a fan as I can mount on the heatsink (going for
maximum airflow instead of minimum noise).  Hopefully that'll let me cut
back on the extra fans.

Any better ideas aside from 100cfm of fresh air or a liquid nitrogen system?


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