[RC5] Dnet and K6/233 CPU cooling

Dominique Pelle dominique.pelle at eurocontrol.fr
Fri Apr 30 11:01:28 EDT 1999

Jamie Town wrote:

> As the weather warms up here California, I notice that my CPU is running
> very warm (verging on hot) despite the large, cross-flow heatsink with
> attached fan and the auxillary fan blowing air across the heatsink.

[ ... cut ... ]

In order to avoid too much heat, here is what you can do (on 
a Unix OS):

   #! /bin/sh
   while true
      ./rc5des -runoffline &
      sleep 40
      kill $PID
      sleep 40 

The idea here is that you run the client during 40s then
stop it for 40s, then run it again for 40s, etc, etc.
This uses 50% of the CPU but of course you can tune as
you like.  As the CPU sleeps for some time, it should 
be less hot.

Your stat will decrease but at least it is better than
stopping the client.

Suggestion: maybe this kind of CPU percentage usage could be
a built in feature (command line option) of the client for
those who care about the CPU heating?


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