[RC5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #283

cipa at uns.ns.ac.yu cipa at uns.ns.ac.yu
Fri Apr 30 14:53:42 EDT 1999

>I'd like to see either a remote control function that's platform
>independant, or some way of customizing a package for him, so that I can
>configure the client on my pc, "zip" it, send it to him, and have it
>automatically install & configure when he double clicks it.

 This can be done on NT with remote cows if you have a network connection
(even over a modem). Another method would be that you make a config file,
tell him to install the client (leave everything at default), and then
unzip the config file in the client dir. I did a few installs this way and
it worked fine.

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