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Alan S. Petrillo asp at baylink.com
Thu Apr 29 20:19:37 EDT 1999

> Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 16:05:11 -0700
> From: Jamie Town <gwar at silcom.com>
> Subject: [RC5] Dnet and K6/233 CPU cooling
> As the weather warms up here California, I notice that my CPU is running
> very warm (verging on hot) despite the large, cross-flow heatsink with
> attached fan and the auxillary fan blowing air across the heatsink.  Since
> it's an old K6/233 (3.2v), I know it's notorious for running hot but it's
> getting to the point of instability on hot days.  I've been encountering
> NT4's blue-screen-of-death more frequently that I'd like.  I put a third
> fan (with much greater airflow) aimed at the CPU heatsink and that seems to
> have taken care of it but I was wondering what others do to cool these
> inefficient beasts.  (My case now has 4 fans going and it's obnoxiously loud.)
> Of course, turning off the Dnet client results in a cool CPU with no extra
> fans.  :)
> I flipped thru the good ol' MPJA catalog yesterday and put in an order for
> a pentium-sized peltier cooler mounted to a big heatsink ($14.95), some
> thermal goop, and as big a fan as I can mount on the heatsink (going for
> maximum airflow instead of minimum noise).  Hopefully that'll let me cut
> back on the extra fans.
> Any better ideas aside from 100cfm of fresh air or a liquid nitrogen system?
> Thanks,
> Jamie
Take a look at these.


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