[RC5] New Client features

David Taylor rc5 at xfiles.nildram.co.uk
Fri Apr 30 09:25:45 EDT 1999

Based on another email I saw:

Proxy's should have a default setup for clients running under them -
e.g. you should be able to set the default email.

This would start at the top (keymaster) and work downwards through full
proxies, personal proxies, then the client.

The client would override any settings in the pproxies, which would override
the full proxies, which would override the keymaster.

You could then set the email at the keyserver to rc5 at distributed.net, just
like it is now, but the pproxy could set it to team at admin.somewhere.com

The nice thing about this would be, if you had a building with say 100
computers scattered around, you could run a pproxy with all the settings,
then install the clients unconfigured (except for proxy address) and
any changes would be made at the proxy only.

David Taylor
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