[RC5] One file per block (etc)

Zorba the Hutt kryten at halcyon.com
Thu Apr 29 16:41:32 EDT 1999

> Two words: pak files.
> Quake (and the programs that followed, such as Quake II and Halflife :)
> them.
> They have entire directory trees inside them (same structure as windows so
> you can export easily) yet show as one file. (hence no cluster problem)
> they can be run from on the fly, adding and removing within the game etc
> etc. (and from windows with pakeplr)  I'm sure theres another similar
> that isn't just used for 3D games by id, but the idea is the same.
> like zip files, but unlike zips more aimed for continuous usability. (if
> you've ever gotten into the game slike I have, you know what I mean ;)

Yeah, I was gonna mention this actually :) .pak files and variants have been
used for a LONG time. There's another well known format - Cavedog's
.ccx/.ufo/.hpi files (they're the same file format, just with a different
extension). If anyone's interested, there are a LOT more of these types -
Ascendancy used .COB files that are, I believe, the same thing. If I
remember correctly, Crusader: No Remorse and No Regret had another filetype
like that; unfortunately my CDs are on loan to a friend so I can't check
that one out. Sierra had their "resource.000" files, and some game company
used .WAD files. Of course, distributed.net could always make their own
custom format if they wanted, but there are already a few viewers for the
.pak and .ccx/.ufo/.hpi files - I don't know where to go to find a viewer
for the .paks (www.planetquake.com maybe) but the Cavedog file info can be
found easily at tadd.annihilated.org . . . hope this helps someone :)

One note - there may be copyright issues involved, I don't know if you can
copyright file formats. Probably worth looking into, eh?


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