[RC5] Dnet and [whatever] CPU cooling

Zypher zypher at clanusr.com
Fri Apr 30 19:58:31 EDT 1999

I've gone to some extremes in overclocking myself, so heres my $0.03.

I have a Celeron 300A overclocked to 450, 464, and 504 (464 standard, until
my CAS2 ram shows up) that runs 24/7, my fourth in a line of overclocked

I've found that the best chips to use in overclocking are the smallest die
size at the time, and a few steps from the top...so to the person with the
(assumed older) PII300 which is 0.35 micron, try a PII333 (some folks get
500 a-ok) or one of the newer batches of 266s or 300s. (be careful, intel
has been passing out some old stock 0.35s again) They run much cooler
whether at stock or overclocked.

Any of the celerons will do nicely as well (not to mention cheaper...even if
not overclocked ;) and they are just as fast at RC5, pretty much everything

Case cooling is essential, if the ambient air around the cpu is not cool,
heatsinks and fans will do about squat. You want to balance your intake and
outake as much as possible to prevent dead spots and strained fans, and
reversing the PS fan is a _great_ idea. (some newer ATX 2.01 powersupplies
are coming this way now) There is noreal extreme for this, I have four fans
output and three fans input (with empty vents, negative pressure sucks in
some air)

Another thing to consider is replacing your hatsink/fan. Often the no-name
or even boxed cpu heatsink is not quite up to par. There are many choices
depending on what you want to spend. For extreme buyers, you can try
peliers, massive heatsinks, water cooling or even those freezer kits.

Serious Heatsink  www.nwlink.com/~shocker/socool.htm
Various Heatsinks/Peltiers  www.step-thermodynamics.com  www.hardocp.com
Freezing  www.kyrotech.com  www.asetek.dk/index_e.html

If you happen have a hardware monitor on your motherboard, look for a
program called "motherboard monitor"


Its wonderful: will tell you your case temperature, internal cpu temperature
(dependent on the sensors your motherboard has though) the speed of any
cooling fans connected to the motherboard (three wire), can autoshutdown
with 3rd party utilities at a set temp or fan limit, can autorun waterfall
at a set limit..etc etc. Its really nice to see your case or cpu temperature
on the taskbar :)

Maybe this thread should die..theres much better sources of info on this
stuff  :)
For reference:
www.sharkyextreme.com (grain of salt)
the list goes on and on and on...
But be careful, some sites are mis-informative to say the least...seems
particularly bad with info on overclocking.
zypher at clanusr.com
"No, not bad spelling, bad typing"

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