[RC5] Project Order^M^M^M^M^Value (corrections)

ENOJON at delphi.com ENOJON at delphi.com
Wed Dec 1 16:57:09 EST 1999

Remember, when someone claims the prize pot later on, be sure to take the #of blocks you did, and calculate their bill ;)>>
He laffs,but based on the ancient practice of charging for cpu cycles, I
am betting someone would throw together a "process-accounting" program/util
and present d.net a bill--invoice.  $100/cpu hr?  But, usually the $/cpu hr
cost is based on depreciation values, and using microchips/systems it is
hardly worth calc-ing for short-run processes.  Someone would need a method
of logging all the accrued d.net process time, then multiplying by the
fractional $/cpu hr cost. 
Who says the days of data-processing utility houses is over? :)
Chargeback rulz!

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