[RC5] Re: Screen Saver

Michel Donais m_donais at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 2 17:40:16 EST 1999


Hi. My name is Michel and this is my first mail so here are some personnal 
stats. I'm from Montreal (yeah, a french canadian). I'm a computer 
programmer for a satellite company and I'm currently writing a game with 
friends for both Mac / PC. A RPG if you're interested.


I don't think a really heavy screen saver is required for DNet... There are 
a few points that need to be really emphasized though.

Let's face it, we don't get to have a lot of chances to win this contest. To 
show that to the user would only demoralize him. Showing him that he made 
0.000000001 percent of the full keyspace in a day on his brand new 
Coppermine is not something that would make him stick up for the software.

Only hopeful notes should be shown. Progress of the current packet, progress 
of the full buffer (with nice colors), prevision of statistics against his 
best/worst days... Do things with the log more or less.

I really don't think that requires a lot of processor.

We could show also a calendar with nice colors for when the user was "hot" 
and when he wasn't... When his buffer should expire...

Basically, there's a lot of things to show!

Have a nice day

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