[RC5] Screen Saver

Adam C Luter luterac at auburn.edu
Thu Dec 2 14:34:06 EST 1999

How about we just not do any useful work on a project, and instead develop
screen savers featuring bovines on ice???

Sorry, :) .  But the reason for not having something fancy, is because it
intrinsicly takes away from the preformance of the client, and thus the
usefulness of it.


Question: God when will people due retards learn to read.
Answer: When will due retards people god learn to write?

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, ZachAJ wrote:

> How about a screen saver that shows how a key travels through a CPU? It
> could also have efficiency graphs to show the performance of your various
> Integer processing Units (If your CPU has multiple integer processors).
> However, based on how the fact that they can't even add sound to the client,
> I wouldn't expect too much.

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