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Thu Dec 2 16:38:31 EST 1999

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999 11:00:29 -0800, Adam Jacobs wrote:

>Sorry, just another $.02
>I think this is a great idea, but is anyone aware just how much it slows
>down the SETI client?
>I know a few friends over at Microsoft who hacked the client to stop running
>the graphics..
>Over 20x speed increase. 
>So, I would have to suggest that whatever graphics our client does:
>They shouldn't be real at all. ;) That way, we can get the users, and the
>speed too. ;)

Is it too much work to code and too big a workload for something

A small bar graph of the current block that gets colored in as the
block is processed, sampled maybe once every minute or updates once
every 5%.  This could optionally be labeled with the block # and the
size of the block in work units.  (For myself this would have to also
take into account two threads since I have an SMP machine.)  I
suppose this could be done in pie graph that filled in as the block
gets worked on, whichever graphic is nicer to the idle cycle

Another graph showing how many blocks in the buffers and how many
work units they comprise.  That could also get updated as each block
is completed.

I always liked the Win32 GUI because when friends would see it, I
could more easily show them what it was, how it worked, and how easy
it was to set up and run.  Plus it was a little more than just the
log file output which is kind of boring to most people.

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