[RC5] Not that someone probably hasn't mentioned/thought of it before

Adam C Luter luterac at auburn.edu
Thu Dec 2 18:45:03 EST 1999

Why don't all you gui people (no terrible harshness ment there), have a
completely separate program to do these nice gui things for you.  And just
run it when you want, or design it to work in the background on something
like the systray or what not.  There are only three graphical environments
to program for, Windows, Mac, and X windows.  I think the majority of the
audience we are trying to snag is in Windows, and probably a good set of
the mac people would like something similar.  I'm sure someone will come
up with something for X windows too.  Just make 3 separate programs, no
big deal, just read the files dnetc uses, and/or IPC with dnetc.  (er, if
there is such a thing under windows :) ).


Question: God when will people due retards learn to read.
Answer: When will due retards people god learn to write?

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