[RC5] CSC - RC5-64 Comparison and Moo Payback Calculations

David Bourgeois dbourg at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 2 20:02:41 EST 1999

I agree.  I think everyone on this list would rather have the keyrate, but 
it's the people not involved (and not on this list) who will want the cool 
graphics.  Mass participation + Fast clients = Seti + Dnet


>If the "moo" is such a big deal to people... how hard would it be to
>write a little c app (on most platforms!) which can:
>1)  Read the file date of the -out.rc5 and -out.csc files
>2)  Sleep for a configurable number of seconds
>3)  Check again
>4)  If it's changed, moo
>5)  Repeat from 2.
>It will certainly be much easier to implement, requires no changes
>(size or complexity) to the dnetc app, and has absolutely no impact on
>those people who don't want it.
>For the record, I'm a Win32 (NT) person who could care less about
>whether my machines moo at me.  I'd rather have the keyrate.
>Bruce Wilson, Manager, FERS
>bwilson at fers.com, 312.245.1750, http://www.fers.com
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