[RC5] CSC - RC5-64 Comparison and Moo Payback Calculations

Filipe Joel Almeida fja at mail.nbporto.novabase.pt
Fri Dec 3 09:47:02 EST 1999

> Say we could attract 5% more users
> by adding a
> glitzy interface. 22.275GKeys/sec / 7500 users (assuming that
> half the users
> are glitzy) = 0.00297GKeys/sec/user. 0.00297GKeys/sec/user *
> 750 new users
> (do the math yourself on that one) is 2.2275GKeys/sec. Making our New
> Revised Keyrate . . . 89.7525GKeys/sec.

I personally think we could attract more that 5% new usere to the project,
and not half of the current users are going to change to the glitzy
interface... let's say that only 25% (if that much) of the users that are
already running the clients change to the glitzy one, and we get, let's say,
8-10% new users... That gives us quite a profit, won't it?

And assuming that most of us don't want no glitzy interface, but that it is
for attracting new ones, it should by default be off, and only the ones that
want it would turn it on... I think this makes some sense doesn't it? I'm
loaded with work right now, but I'll do some work on the stats during the
weekend and see what's the rate gain with the glitzy GUI!

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