[RC5] CSC (Screensaver)

Sami Aura sja at iki.fi
Fri Dec 3 17:21:09 EST 1999

>I know a few friends over at Microsoft who hacked the client to stop running
>the graphics..

Maybe here's one reason why all the Microsoft's software are so buggy and 
slow - they do it always by the hard way =)

What I did was: start/settings/display/screen saver/chose the seti 
screensaver properties/black screen after 0 minutes --> no graphics - no 

Other way was to install the NT client (text-only)

>Over 20x speed increase.

and you probably mean 2-3x increase.

>So, I would have to suggest that whatever graphics our client does:
>They shouldn't be real at all. ;) That way, we can get the users, and the
>speed too. ;)

nonono, it should base on something. If I want a normal screensaver, I will 
go to winfiles.com and choose one from there - because It's just a 
screensaver and I'll bet that those are much more cooler than "dnet's 

What we need is something that's related to the cracking process, like a 
cow - moo moo :) Everyone like's it.

Would it be cool to see a cow who's eating grass, making some moo 
moo-sounds and stuff. Sometimes it "milks out some milk to a milk-can" 
which would be the percentage or maybe WU -indicator.

Of course this all should be optional feature and I sugges that it should 
be in it's own distribution (for Windows only?)

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