Anastas Geokov antzi at antzi.bg
Fri Dec 3 10:19:01 EST 1999

Just asking:

Is it possible to visualize graphically the "field" of keys, showing already
checked ones with different color and allowing the local client to "highlight"
the blocks which it is working on: checked (buff-out), pending (buff-in) and
current (crunching). This should look like Symantec SpeedDisk or Micro$oft Disk

The information about basic image could be downloaded from the stats server
daily, after the update. The rest could be implemented either in the win32 (an
maybe other platforms) client, or in a separate program, reading the logs.


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> The trouble is, we don't have a whole lot to show as a graph.  keyrates,
perhaps, but that's not very interesting.  the best we could do would be to show
each key as it's checked, which would slow the process enourmosly, and at x
thousand keys per second, wouldn't be readable anyway.  Perhaps we could show a
random sampling of keys tested, or just show random hex values (that don't
neccesarily correspond with what's being t0ested), and do some sort of effect to
make them look fancy, while showing them at a suffieciently high rate of speed
that it looks like the client is working pretty fast, then do a small "buffer
remaining" and "block progress" indicator at the bottom.  You could even have a
datafile of enough random key values to just loop them without the user noticing
duplicates, so that the processor effort required to generate random keys
wouldn't be required.

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