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Sat Dec 4 13:40:09 EST 1999

In article <001301bf3d20$e46475a0$5a5d0418 at vista1.sdca.home.com>,
Jeremiah Gowdy <jgowdy at home.com> writes

>I think all that mess is a little too fancy.  I liked the Win32 GUI client
>because it had menus and was easy to setup and configure, and it had the
>hidden option.  Other than that, I wouldn't mind the program showing it's
>current keyrate, updated every few seconds, on the titlebar maybe.  At least
>once every block, so that you don't have to scan through the log.

Hmmm - I can't see the current key in the titlebar being very exciting! 

Personally, I'd like to switch off (optionally of course) the climbing
dots for the completion indicator and every second have the current
percentage displayed at a fixed place in the window. That way, you get a
bit of an indication of exactly how fast you machine is ripping through
a block. The refresh rate would have to be configurable, say updates
every second, or every 0.27% of completion.

Anyway, that's not what I really wanted to reply to your post about. I'd
like to comment on your liking the Win32 client and the things you

The single biggest thing I miss about the Win32 client and the current
CLI based client is the "bug" where you could log the current user out
of windows and not shut down the client, WITHOUT having to run the
client as a service.

This "bug" allowed my PC to start the client alongside Windows. It'd
quietly run in the background whilst the login box was being displayed
and would continue to crack away whilst anyone logged in. When that
person logged out of Windows back to the login prompt, the client
wouldn't shutdown as the current CLI version does - it'd just keep
chugging away.

I could pop the client window onto the screen, select logout from the
Start button and any other running programs would be shut down by
windows before dropping back to the login screen. The client window
would stay active and keep on working.

With the current CLI client, Cyp has "fixed" this "bug" and now when you
logout, the client shuts down. NO! Put the "bug" back in CYP!

Of course, I could install the client as a service, but then I lose the
client window entirely and have to keep looking at the log to see how
many blocks are completed etc.... bugger!


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