[RC5] Not that someone probably hasn't mentioned/thought of it before

locutus locutus at playerz.net
Fri Dec 3 22:03:45 EST 1999

Well if you look at it this way, most people that are on this mailing list are
more "in the know" than other people and I imagine that a bigger percentage of
the people on this list use the Command line client than the rest of the rc5
community .. improving the GUI will bring more people into RC5 ...i was going
to put the rc5 client on almost 300 computers (none of them under 300MHz) at
my school but they opted for seti because it looked prettier and appeared to
actually be doing something ...imagine how many times this exact scenario has
played out in other places and try to tell me that a "impressive" GUI that's
not just running a scripted text is not important. I like the idea of showing
what the text of the keys your cracking are....maybe an option to change how
many keys you see per second would be useful.. i dunno



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