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Travis Kelley (travis at thekeyboard.com) wrote:

> Here's my idea....As I understand it there is a known key in the rc5
> contest....(something that the correct answer is guaranteed to contain).
> I also think that every key works out to some text message whether or
> not it is readable or not.  Why not display those text messages to the
> user or at least like every 10th one so they can ohh and ahh if they
> get one that is close to the known text...just a thought

Nice idea, but there's one problem.  The client doesn't actually decrypt
the *whole* message with each key -- it just checks the first 4 or 8 bytes
of the message (I forget which).  This generates a few 'false positives',
but each match is checked by the dnet staff to see whether it decrypts
the *whole* message.

So, I suppose you could display the first 4 bytes of, say, every *1000th*
key (not 10th, GACK!) -- but that's probably not very interesting to
the user, since half of the bytes will be high-ASCII characters anyway.

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