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Sun Dec 5 10:37:59 EST 1999

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# Here's my idea....As I understand it there is a known key in the rc5
contest....(something that the correct answer is
# guaranteed to contain).  I also think that every key works out to some
text message whether or not it is readable or not.
# Why not display those text messages to the user or at least like every
10th one so they can ohh and ahh if they get one
# that is close to the known text...just a thought

Hey, why not making a 3D-Bar Graph like the SETI-FFT, showing "best
fitting keys" ?
as I understand what Clients do: they encrypt "The unknown message is:"
and compare to the ciphertext (or vice versa), the Clients could throw
out a value that gives best fitting (1 for fitting until "T", 2 for
"Th", 10 for "The unknow" ...) every 0.5% of one 2^28 Block and the
screensaver or whatever draws one bar for this: makes 200 bars each
line/block, this shouldn't cost too much CPU-cycles and looks pretty
cool (just like Seti).
If one line finishs, all finished lines make one step backwards, giving
space for the next one, if you make enough blocks, this should look like
a endles "carpet" of "peaks" & "gaussians" ;-) disappearing in the
background of your monitor.
Well its quite a random "carpet" which makes no sense, but hey, 99,99%
of SETI-blocks are random noise, why bother if it looks cool?

I like my keyrate and won't spend much for graphs, but as I was asked
"what the hell is this cow in your system tray?", I would have been
quite happy, if I could have shown them a cool graph, and maybe d-net
would be quite happy now of all the blocks coming from this people...

        c ya blocks,        Rocko

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