Jeremiah Gowdy jgowdy at home.com
Sun Dec 5 20:34:54 EST 1999

> >I think all that mess is a little too fancy.  I liked the Win32 GUI
> >because it had menus and was easy to setup and configure, and it had the
> >hidden option.  Other than that, I wouldn't mind the program showing it's
> >current keyrate, updated every few seconds, on the titlebar maybe.  At
> >once every block, so that you don't have to scan through the log.
> Hmmm - I can't see the current key in the titlebar being very exciting!

Exactly my point, the idea of the distributed.net client isn't to be
exciting.  If people want excitement, they can watch TV, play a game, or get
out of the house for once and go socialize. I say, write the client for the
utility of the client, and only add features that are useful.  I don't think
there was anything wrong with the GUI version of the client.  It was MUCH
easier to setup, use, benchmark, and reconfigure than the CLI client.  It's
not that I'm unfamiliar with DOS and command line options, in fact, quite
the oppisite, however, I find the CLI client somewhat cumbersome to use
sometimes when I'm trying to work from the Windows GUI and having to deal
with a text based program with command line options.  And could someone
please explain to me why a person has all of 15 seconds to view the window
after the benchmark completes ?  It sure is fun to try and rush and copy the
numbers down.  Come on.  I don't see how the GUI client is very high
maintenence, and if it is, I'd even volunteer to do so.  It looks to me to
be pretty simple.  Several menus and common controls added on to the top of
whatever it has in common with the CLI client.  Heck, you could at least use
an edit box to display the CLI text.  Looks like you're using DrawText with
the nasty System font or something right now.  I don't see how the common
controls are so hard to maintain, when they shouldn't really even change
much between versions.  In fact, if another compiler were used, like Borland
Builder, I could see the GUI client being *quite* easy to maintain.

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