[RC5] Gene sequencing next d.net project?

Einstein X. Mystery einstein at scn.org
Tue Dec 7 01:41:25 EST 1999

> > What kind of programs are used now to perform this now?
> > What structure do these programs have?
> The majority are single process programs.  Essentially they rotate,
> shorten, lengthen and do other 3D transformations and recalculate the
> total free energy at every step.  You can restrict the locus of rotation
> or you can give the computer free reign.  Typically the end result is a
> more stable conformation.  You can then plug this conformation in and do
> some tweaking and find a more stable confromation.  Typically this goes
> on until nothing  more stable is found.
> What would you propose?
How much time does it take for one analysis? That could be the

Then, from the server, the client would get a set of deformation to the
protein. (Joint F, 20º - 30º increment .001º, in a certain plane.) Test
all those, then report back. Each degree, or whatever division thereof,
would be a block.

Every night/week/month, instead of the stats run (or in addition too, if
there's enough processor power there), the server would compile all the
data, mesh the results, and pick new sets to test. These would be

Of course, the complicated part will be in creating that server.
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