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Basil A. Daoust basildaoust at home.com
Mon Dec 6 19:00:37 EST 1999


   IMHO people do SETI because it feels more like a social contribution.
The graphics are cute for about 10 minutes.  I'd rather just see the top half
of the gui client.

   The serious SETI users were running CLI versions.  This might change if
they have released or when they release the next client.  I switched 
from the seti screen saver mode to setiBuff and stuff so that when the
SETI server decided to ignore me, I could just move on to the next 

   NOW I left SETI because they have over 300,000 active users last time 
I checked and those users are checking the WU's faster than they are able 
to create new ones.  (As I understand it).  They also have no plans to add
other sources for signals as was originally stated on the web site.

   I would rather work on SETI but it seems they don't really need me.
Since they have no NEW wu's to test.  This site seems to need people more
than SETI.  Now just need to figure out a great project that will 
generate enough interest to get you on the science channel and stuff
like SETI did.

   Working on something like PROTEIN problem might be the right idea.

I loaded the MOOing cow today, again how cute for a while... now its going 
to have to go, but its cute.  I can just see 45 computers in a lab mooing 
every 5 minutes.  That would be wild for about an hour :-)  Maybe longer with
the correct stimulant.


Filipe Joel Almeida wrote:
> > I'm sure it's true that a lot of SETIists are attracted to
> > the graphics, but
> > I am also sure that another major reason why so many are
> > attracted to the
> > project is because it is SETI ... ooo, finding alien signals from
> > outerspace!  Not many people get off on cracking encryption
> > algorithms by
> > brute force ... this is an entirely different thing, and I
> > think you have to
> > have some fondness for mathematics/CS to get into it.  Most
> > people probably
> > would still have no idea what these d.net projects are all about after
> > reading every word on the website.  How many would be doing
> > d.net if there
> > was no cash prize? ... maybe 1/10 as many, graphics or not,
> > probably less
> > than that.  Think about it.
> Well, I can only speak for miself, but most of the people that I know that
> are working on SETI couldn't care the less about aliens. Believe me... they
> are the first ones that are saying that they do it just because they think
> the client is cute!
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