[RC5] Pluggable client modules...

Sean Porterfield sean at porterfield.net
Tue Dec 7 19:20:55 EST 1999

> |I was wondering how difficult it would be to implement a client which
> |automatically updated itself.
> |Maybe it could determine whether or not there is a newer
> |version available
> |(from one of the key servers , or another proxy, using a
> |similar method to
> |determine when new contests start..?), and if so, switch over
> |to that newer
> |version. It would make things a lot easier if , say , you had
> |a few hundred
> |clients installed.
> |
> Quite difficult, actually.  Have you ever tried replacing dnetc.exe (or
> rc5des.exe) while the client was running?  Can't be done, and even if
> it could, you'd still have to stop and restart the client for the new
> version to take effect.

Ok, I do this all the time.  The WIN self-extracting-installing version runs
dnetc -shutdown then dnetc -uninstall then installs the new version.
 I don't see a problem here.  It would be a lot easier if I didn't have to
go to every machine to do it.  I haven't been running CSC on most machines
because I don't have time to load/install on all my computers.

There MUST be an easier way!

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