[RC5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #318

Freddie Cash fcash at bigfoot.com
Tue Dec 7 11:35:25 EST 1999

> Exactly my point, the idea of the distributed.net client isn't to be
> exciting.  If people want excitement, they can watch TV, play a game, or
> get out of the house for once and go socialize. I say, write the client
> for the utility of the client, and only add features that are useful.  I

Hear, hear!  The client is a key cracker, not a picture viewer.  It 
should only incorporate features that make it a better key cracker.  
If people what pretty pictures and what not, then there should be 
add-on or helper programs to do that.  But, the main client should 
be a key cracker and only a key cracker.

> don't think there was anything wrong with the GUI version of the client. 
> It was MUCH easier to setup, use, benchmark, and reconfigure than the CLI
> client.  It's not that I'm unfamiliar with DOS and command line options,
> in fact, quite the oppisite, however, I find the CLI client somewhat
> cumbersome to use sometimes when I'm trying to work from the Windows GUI
> and having to deal with a text based program with command line options. 

Actually, the only command line you need is <path>\dnetc.exe all 
the other options are available from within the running client 
window.  Try a right-click in the window, or left-click on the control 
menu.  Everything is there.  And, the first time it is run (or the first 
time without an .ini file) it automatically enters the configuration 

> And could someone please explain to me why a person has all of 15 seconds
> to view the window after the benchmark completes ?  It sure is fun to try
> and rush and copy the numbers down.  Come on.  I don't see how the GUI

Run the benchmark from within the client window (right-click > 
benchmark > <pick your option>).

> client is very high maintenence, and if it is, I'd even volunteer to do
> so.  It looks to me to be pretty simple.  Several menus and common
> controls added on to the top of whatever it has in common with the CLI
> client.  Heck, you could at least use an edit box to display the CLI text.
>  Looks like you're using DrawText with the nasty System font or something
> right now.  I don't see how the common controls are so hard to maintain,
> when they shouldn't really even change much between versions.  In fact, if

But why add complexity to the project?  One common code-base 
is best.  Optimise the heck out of the client, and let others design 
and implement helper programs for the other features.

> another compiler were used, like Borland Builder, I could see the GUI
> client being *quite* easy to maintain.

I agree.  Get rid of the MS crap.  :-)

Who loves the new CLI, although he misses the white on blue 
colour scheme from the old CLI.

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