[RC5] RC5/CSC Statistics

Vaughnn Brooks Vaughnn.Brooks at coles.com.au
Wed Dec 8 09:14:32 EST 1999

I have only recently joined this list, but really agree that dNet could use
many more people cracking keys.
I used to run SETI, but due to firewall restrictions, and the pure size of
packets, have retired to dNet with all
the computing power I have available.

dNet is now part of a very competitive market, where several projects are
fighting for your CPU cycles,
SETI now has almost 1.5 million users, and Dcyher.net has a few thousand,
but the number of active daily
users is increasing.  Both of these projects have nice graphics programs,
and I certainly think an graphics add-on,
would increase participation for dNet, in fact dNet could fulfil more of
their mission by actually absorbing some 
of the smaller distributed projects (ie PiHex), if they could significantly
increased the user base, a graphics add-on
being a neccessary part of this process.  (Perhaps one day dNet, has it's
own SETI engine!!!)

But to statistics, which is perhaps why many users are doing these projects.
I would imagine that a large number
of participants actually spend more upload/download on looking at the stats
than actually sending/receiving packets.
SETI only shows a fraction of the stats that dNet does, and there are many
programs which display statistics stored
locally, like map co-ords, etc.  Perhaps some of the history stats could be
kept off the server, and some stats
available on dNet.  This in fact is part of what distributed computing is
about.  As I have no care as to how many
packets someone else processed last week, although I do care about their
current rate.  Perhaps all this will achieve is
smaller database tables, perhaps it will alleviate the recent stats

Just my .0001 keyspace worth,

Vaughnn Brooks  (vbrooks at apexmail.com)
FULL SPEED ENGAGED - 100% CPU, Woo Woooo!!

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