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Zypher zypher at jknust.com
Tue Dec 7 20:30:50 EST 1999

There is a whole different group out there too, that don't fit into anything

The performance freaks :)

They tweak their setups, turn off all the fluff and overclock the cpu (among
other things) if they can.

For that group, it is a point of pride to say "Well your mal-informed
opinion on overclocking problems is bogus, my pretty little celeron 300 at 450
has been running RC5 day in and day out for over 14 months...hows THAT for
burn in!" except not quite so nicely. Its also a given that this group plays
some Quake or a variant.

No self respecting quake addict would run any app that didn't move over
instantly for the allmighty Frag Program. This is why you won't see *them*
turncoating in droves, while SETI does have 'friendly sharing mode' its no
where near Dnet's in terms of quality. Timedemo loops can attest to this, as
can informal online experience, where every fps change is felt rather
dramatically :) The same could be said of hardcore image editors, server
admins etc etc etc, but they are all the 'hardcores'.

Even so (obviously it can be guessed what group I put myself in :) if we
don't have an *OPTION* for a flashy, pretty, and 'annoying' client we are
missing out. I don't care, nor should dnet care, what every person's quirky
preferences are. ("I want the client to be in the upper right corner with a
green backround and pink wingdings font, and quack after every 10%") What
they should do is cover as many bases as possible without getting thrown
out. Only covering the 'command line hardcore computer users' base is a
mistake, and those home runs might take a while.

BTW, another 'blow' at seti....they _de_optimized their clients for a time
(The worst and most obvious for a while was the '2+ cpus no better than 1'
issue, even though its **supposed** to be multithreaded) and still might. I
still don't like how dcyphers csc client is supposedly faster than ours with
likely a lot less time to develop (both sides seem to be silent on the
issue) but we do get improvements and updates I've seen over time. Taking
out the GUI alltogether was NOT an update IMHO.
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