[RC5] Pluggable client modules...

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> Nugget and Decibel and I have talked about the possibility of sending
> an e-mail to participants who still have one or more clients on an
> older version (probably only if you were dangerously out of date).  The
> e-mail could list the problem version, the IP address, and whatever
> other identifying information might be useful to you.  This is still in
> the "wouldn't it be nice if..." stage.  Any comments?

The idea is nice. But what if the person has 300+ clients and
doesn't have direct access to it? It would get 300+ mails or just 1 mail
with 300
lines in it (every week) and he can do a thing about it.

And what about old clients there isn't a new version for. (Like the AIX

Its a lot of work end the gain is minimal. So I say don't do it please.


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