[RC5] d.net / seti

Basil A. Daoust basildaoust at home.com
Thu Dec 9 02:34:58 EST 1999

Zypher wrote:
> There is a whole different group out there too, that don't fit into anything
> else...
> The performance freaks :)

And don't forget the stat freaks :)

> BTW, another 'blow' at seti....they _de_optimized their clients for a time
> (The worst and most obvious for a while was the '2+ cpus no better than 1'
> issue, even though its **supposed** to be multithreaded) and still might. I
> still don't like how dcyphers csc client is supposedly faster than ours with
> likely a lot less time to develop (both sides seem to be silent on the
> issue) but we do get improvements and updates I've seen over time. Taking
> out the GUI alltogether was NOT an update IMHO.

   well nothing like trying to keep people in the dark.  I decided to try my
PII 300 on Dcypher version 1.04  and compare it to here.

Well here I get about 339,000 keys/sec
Under Dcypher I get ~50000.0000 Kbps

Well those look completely different :(

Now I did not find anywhere how BIG a dycpher BLOCK is :(
But from the stat page, it said:
   1,220.1912 blocks an hour (1455.69 MKeys/s).
so hopefully with some math and luck I found out the size to be 2^32
IF I did the math right it was accurate to 4 sig positions.

Dnet I can do a 2^30 (or 4*2^28) in touch under an hour.
Dcypher I can do a 2^32 in about 1.5 hours. (Much harder to tell)

Now I have to give DNET some BIG points for putting in time stamps and stuff.
And it might not be graphical but you can do a lot more from a dnet window than
you can from the Dcypher window.

DCYPHER does not let you really see anything but the reported ~51000.000000.
What is nice is the buffer status is easy to see for anyone not always connected
to the net.

It looks like Dcypher's client for my PII-300 is more than twice as fast :(

Its hard to fight for a faster client though when the project has less than 
a month of life left likely.  I think I read something like 34 days to keyspace 
exhaustion... so we should have less than 2 weeks.


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