[RC5] Pluggable client modules...

Hardy Rosenke hardy at null.net
Wed Dec 8 20:24:43 EST 1999

At 02:22 1999-12-08 -0500, abigail at delanet.com wrote:

>Besides, you suddenly don't want to start with another project, do you?
>Like the switch from 'rc5des' to 'dnetc' clients that ignored the existing
>.ini file, and quietly started cracking for CSC instead of continueing
>for RC5.
	Actually, that is NOT at all what happened -- it DID take the INI file
settings, just that unless you had gone into the -config and changed your
project priority, the default was des,csc,ogr,rc5 ... RC5 being dead last
in priority.
	I, and possibly others, forsaw this, and I had changed my project priority
to des,rc5,csc,ogr -- and my DNETC installation continued on much the same
as I wanted it to and as the RC5DES had been running.  I did notice a very
slight drop in my keyrate with the new core on DNETC as opposed to RC5DES,
but it is like .02 kkeys/sec ....


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