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My thoughts after reading the original message:

I am a member of both SETI at Home and Distributed.Net. Approximently 95% of my
total computer power is looking for ET or ALF.

My user ranking in the SETI project is 99.9%. I calculated that my ranking
in the CSC project is 51.5% and soon to be going up. So I feel that I am
doing my part in this project. I hope you realize from my stats that I am no
small fish.

I am using the command line version of both clients. So pretty graphics is
not an issue.

If the prize money was an issue. I would have 95% of my CPU cracking keys

I just simply feel that the possibility of finding intelligent life on other
planets is far more interesting than cracking somebody's secret test

I am waiting to see if the Casino-21 project gets off the ground. This
project sounds more interesting to me than SETI.


Please, thank the SETI at Home people for my contribution to the
Distributed.Net project. Because I would not of known of Distributed.Net, if
I did not follow the link from the SETI at Home web site.

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>I'm sure it's true that a lot of SETIists are attracted to the graphics,
>I am also sure that another major reason why so many are attracted to the
>project is because it is SETI ... ooo, finding alien signals from
>outerspace!  Not many people get off on cracking encryption algorithms by
>brute force ... this is an entirely different thing, and I think you have
>have some fondness for mathematics/CS to get into it.  Most people probably
>would still have no idea what these d.net projects are all about after
>reading every word on the website.  How many would be doing d.net if there
>was no cash prize? ... maybe 1/10 as many, graphics or not, probably less
>than that.  Think about it.
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>Among the people I know, the proportion between Dnet and SETI users is
>1-10... and I bet this happens with many of others. It makes me mad that
>they are only working on SETI because of the graphics and I can't get them
>to work on Dnet.
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