[RC5] Pluggable client modules...

MatsLundström masse at mbox332.swipnet.se
Sat Dec 11 21:17:46 EST 1999

>> |I was wondering how difficult it would be to implement a client
>> |automatically updated itself.
>> |Maybe it could determine whether or not there is a newer
>> |version available
>> |(from one of the key servers , or another proxy, using a
>> |similar method to
>> |determine when new contests start..?), and if so, switch over
>> |to that newer
>> |version. It would make things a lot easier if , say , you had
>> |a few hundred
>> |clients installed.
>> |
>> Quite difficult, actually.  Have you ever tried replacing dnetc.exe
>> rc5des.exe) while the client was running?  Can't be done, and even if

>> it could, you'd still have to stop and restart the client for the new

>> version to take effect.
>Ok, I do this all the time.  The WIN self-extracting-installing version
>dnetc -shutdown then dnetc -uninstall then installs the new version.
> I don't see a problem here.  It would be a lot easier if I didn't have
>go to every machine to do it.  I haven't been running CSC on most
>because I don't have time to load/install on all my computers.
>There MUST be an easier way!

Yepp i should ! Take a look at Netscape's live update solution managed
with a Java
module. It should be something there that could inspire someone to
creative programming.
The source code for the Navigator is freely available nowadays. Further
there are
a lot of explanations included in the Java class source code, so for
anyone with the
right skills it wouldn't cause any problems to understand it.

Also, an idea of how to control and activate this update procedure,
without putting to
much load in a (huge) network, might be something simular to how the
shut down
file are recognized by the client. To add flexibility to it, this auto
update could be
enabled/disabled as an option in the setup.

Another idea could be if it would be possible to assign an local ID for
each client
and then open the possibillity to do some local network administration.
Then it could
be possible to set the first client to do RC5, the next CSC a.s.o...


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