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|But more importantly, how do I know which client is out of 
|date?  I add new
|computers regularly and install whatever the latest client is. 
| That means
|I have many different versions running.  They all use the same 
|email address
|(except for one, but I don't know which one...) so how can it 
|be identified?

The data reported to the servers includes an IP address for most
versions.  (I suspect the Netware version does not, for example).  This
IP address should be a unique identifier for each machine, otherwise,
you've got bigger problems.  I'm also of the understanding that the IP
address of the dnetc machine is preserved even if the blocks are routed
through a perproxy.

I don't want to go too far out on a limb, but if you had a specific
machine you were trying to locate, if you could tell us what e-mail
address that one machine is using, we could tell you what IP it is
using.  (We'd have to ask for your password for verification, of

|I think blocks should have an extra identifier for an optional 
|machine name.
|Something user configurable for those of us using multiple machines.

The idea of providing an additional identifier is one we have
discussed.  Perhaps something like a number appended to the e-mail
address, such as "bwilson at domain.com/1".  This could allow you to
identify a particular machine, or groups of machines (for instance, the
number could represent a building or floor number).  At the moment,
it's not the highest priority, but it sounds like something worth
adding if it can be done without causing more problems than it solves.

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