[RC5] Global Stats

Paul Michael pmm1018 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 14 07:02:48 EST 1999

Perhaps we could reward loyal Dnet'ers with global
stats that would show a brief summary from all
projects  worked.  We could come up with a one-line
history from each project worked showing total days of
participation, keys checked, percent of total project
effort contributed, etc..  It would not only serve
some nostalgia purposes, but would track a user's
personal improvement in computing power and
contribution to Dnet over the years. If total
long-term statistics are built, we'd be less likely to
loose people for the latest fad somewhere else.

Also, if teams competed against each other globally,
across projects, rather than within them, they'd be
more apt to switch clients to help out on the
short-term stuff.  The current stats show that the
majority of us aren't cracking CSC keys at the moment.
 I can't help but think that some teams don't want to
do CSC keys because they would loose ground in their
RC5 standings.

Paul Michael
Seattle, WA

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