[RC5] Core FAQ?

BOVINE-RC5 bovine-rc5 at mtrplx.com
Tue Dec 14 02:15:00 EST 1999

-> Just curious because of the new '2.8003.448' client, which includes the new
-> MMX core.  I've gotten speed increases on P2 and Celeron platforms but no
-> speedup on P200MMX machines.  Should I expect to see any?  Should I even
-> bother updating my clients that are non-P2/Celeron's?

        No speed increase on your P200MMX?  Really?  My speed increase made my
jaw drop. I went from ~190kkeys/s to ~380kkeys/s on my P200MMX.  Simply

        I do have a question however.  Has anyone noticed network connectivity
problems with the new .448 client under Win32?  I downloaded the new .448
client, stopped the current client, did a copy-over upgrade (as I've done with
every previous client) and then restarted.

        Everything works fine until I try to -fetch, -flush, or -update
manually.  I get "Network services not available or not supported" as soon as
the client starts.  It doesn't even appear to be trying to connect.  It is not
my network connection because I can start the previous binary .447 (you do
remember to backup your client before upgrading, don't you? heh) and it works

        The FreeBSD client doesn't have these problems so I'm assuming it's
specific to the Win32 build.  I love the speed increase so I'm running .448 to
crack keys and using .447 to fetch/flush on my Win32 machine.  But is anyone
else experiencing this?

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