[RC5] network connections, was: Core FAQ?

Chris Hessmann news at hessmann.de
Tue Dec 14 21:59:38 EST 1999


> I do have a question however.  Has anyone noticed network
> connectivity problems with the new .448 client under Win32?

Oh yes, I had the same problem. (win32, 448)
I thought it was a kind of server-problem, and I tried to fetch/flush two
hours later, and...it worked.

But since I began working for d.net (200 days ago), I had some problems with
network connectivity...

After the client runs about 20 hours, sometimes longer than 40 hours, it do
not find a proxy. I have to restart the client to get a connection again.

Every other internet-software works fine, I think it has to be a kind of

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