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>         I do have a question however.  Has anyone noticed network
> problems with the new .448 client under Win32?  I downloaded the new .448
> client, stopped the current client, did a copy-over upgrade (as I've done
> every previous client) and then restarted.
>         Everything works fine until I try to -fetch, -flush, or -update
> manually.  I get "Network services not available or not supported" as soon
> the client starts.  It doesn't even appear to be trying to connect.  It is
> my network connection because I can start the previous binary .447 (you do
> remember to backup your client before upgrading, don't you? heh) and it
> fine.

The same problem here. its done by the flag in the .INI file:
The old version allowed to turn of networking and flush/fetch/update by
hand. The new
client doesnt allow it. it is more strickt, but to bad I liked the old way.
maybe something
for the bug cq wish list.

>         The FreeBSD client doesn't have these problems so I'm assuming
> specific to the Win32 build.  I love the speed increase so I'm running
.448 to
> crack keys and using .447 to fetch/flush on my Win32 machine.  But is
> else experiencing this?
> ---
> Stephen E. Shoesmith

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