[RC5] Core FAQ?

Dennis Blazewicz umblazew at cc.UManitoba.CA
Tue Dec 14 14:08:43 EST 1999

Spam Trap wrote:
> Does there exist a FAQ for core selection?
> Just curious because of the new '2.8003.448' client, which includes the new
> MMX core.  I've gotten speed increases on P2 and Celeron platforms but no
> speedup on P200MMX machines.  Should I expect to see any?  Should I even
> bother updating my clients that are non-P2/Celeron's?


  On the P200MMX here we doubled our keyrate with the new client.  mMMmmMMmm.
I have no plan to update the Pentium 100MHz, however.  Are there any non-MMX
optimizations in the new client?

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