[RC5] Global Stats

Ben benb at netins.net
Wed Dec 15 16:36:58 EST 1999

blane wrote:
> PM> Also, if teams competed against each other globally,
> PM> across projects, rather than within them, they'd be
> PM> more apt to switch clients to help out on the
> PM> short-term stuff.  The current stats show that the
> PM> majority of us aren't cracking CSC keys at the moment.
> PM>  I can't help but think that some teams don't want to
> PM> do CSC keys because they would loose ground in their
> PM> RC5 standings.
> Yap. This surely is true. in #distributed people are shouting that csc
> is done within next 2 weeks. At least 'new' participants wouldnt
> invest effort in that if they have an eye on rc5. Of course, i share
> the thought that many 'power-teams' rather proceed with rc5; after all
> csc could be much faster in the moment.

I think it's a bit odd that the teams have dedicated themselves to RC5 and not
CSC. They are a lot more likely to win CSC than RC5. I guess stats are more
important than money to them :-)

I personally am not on a team. I need the full $2k.

Oh, and I made a little page about guessing when RC5 and CSC will end:

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