[RC5] Email warnings about old clients

Todd A. Jacobs taj at cyber-wizard.com
Tue Dec 14 17:34:15 EST 1999

I think that any changes that make the older clients obsolete will be
detrimental to the project. I can only speak for myself, but there are
over 100 machines that I no longer have access to that are still crunching
away at rc5 blocks.

Many, many moons ago, I set them up with whatever client was currently in
vogue. Now, two years into the project, I no longer directly administer
many of those machines. I *can't* update those clients. In fact, I can't
even STOP them if the project changes in such a way that they are no
longer useful.

If Distributed.Net starts emailing me about clients over which I no longer
have any control, all such emails will inevitably find their way to
/dev/null. This would be a tremendous waste of bandwidth.

My recommendation is that Distributed.Net accept the fact that a lot of
old clients are going to lie around contributing as they can to the
project. If the project decides to obsolesce them, it's going to have to
make the choice to send a portion of the current crunchers to the great
bit bucket in the sky. Regardless, I do *not* want *my* email box
cluttered with emails complaining about things over which I have no

Todd A. Jacobs
Network Systems Engineer

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