[RC5] Global Stats

phaijen at erggroup.com phaijen at erggroup.com
Thu Dec 16 08:00:59 EST 1999

>> PM>  I can't help but think that some teams don't want to
>> PM> do CSC keys because they would loose ground in their
>> PM> RC5 standings.
>> Yap. This surely is true. in #distributed people are shouting that csc
>> is done within next 2 weeks. At least 'new' participants wouldnt
>> invest effort in that if they have an eye on rc5. Of course, i share
>> the thought that many 'power-teams' rather proceed with rc5; after all
>> csc could be much faster in the moment.
>That is a proven fact. The 'big shark' in my team isn't making a single
>block in CSC. And I miself, that am a small one, have only half of my CPU
>power working on CSC, because I don't want to drop below the Top 100 Team
>members. If that happens with most of our teams it means that really we have
>less than 1/4 of the total CPU power working on CSC. Another reason is that
>Rc5-64 will be around for a long while, but CSC will soon be over. CPU
>cycles used on CSC will then be 'lost', so why no work  on RC5 and stand
>your ground? Now you cross-link the stats, and the problem is gone!!

Our local department store awards points for every $ we spent. When the store
wants to push certain items, it doesn't drop the price but instead, awards
bonus points for that item. Maybe we need a new stat, one where 1 RC5 block
processed gives you 1 point, and 1 CSC block gives you 5 (?) points? That
would be an incentive to do CSC, especially if the individual (RC5/CSC/...)
stats are no longer made publicly available, so anyone except myself would
have to guess what I'm working on, since they would only see me doing 10 billion
points/second (I wish). Off course, I would still like to see my individual
stats myself.

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