[RC5] Global Stats

tomdv at datatx.com tomdv at datatx.com
Sat Dec 18 12:12:30 EST 1999

I agree. Could it be done? I mean, create ranges like under 10 clients,
between 11 and 100 and so forth. See if a youngster just could his brandnew
P2Celeron 400 or something, it is unfair if he starts at place 200.000 and
can only get to place 100.000 after a year or so on the global stats.
Admit, it is not very encouraging. The moo is nice enough though.
Which brings me to another question: do we know how many clients are
actually running? See, we know how many participants there actually are but
that doesn't say much. If you create a field in the participants database
to indicate how many clients he has, that could lead to the total figure in
time, after people update that new field. Also it would allow for a good
sub-stat. You could get an idea of what ranges might provide sensible
Maybe, you could create "dynamic" stats: select a range of your own so that
you can better see what your neighbors or peers are doing.
Just a thought, you know,

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