[RC5] Global Stats

Tom Cramer drakino at usa.net
Sat Dec 18 01:53:44 EST 1999

Honestly I thought distributed.net was a coordinated effort to prove that 
brute force decryption is possible on certain encryption 
algorithms.  Friendly stats competition is always good, but when stats 
become more important then the original goal of the overall system, nothing 
useful will be accomplished.  I enjoy seeing stats for my small team like 
many others out there, but I don't see it as a competition.  My team will 
most likely never be noticed by anyone watching the top 100 teams, nor the 
same for my e-mail address.  But yet I am contributing to the CSC effort to 
help the overall goal of d.net.  That is what I feel is important when I 
tell people about d.net, and why I continue to find systems to install and 
maintain the client on.  I don't try to install d.net on systems to get my 
name higher on the list.  I install d.net clients to bring d.net closer to 
it's goals.

The people who insist on not running CSC for stats reasons are only hurting 
the people trying to prove something.  Maybe it's time for statbox ii to 
break down for a short time so people might realize what the project is 
really about.


At 08:00 AM 12/16/1999 +0100, you wrote:
> >> PM>  I can't help but think that some teams don't want to
> >> PM> do CSC keys because they would loose ground in their
> >> PM> RC5 standings.
> >>
> >> Yap. This surely is true. in #distributed people are shouting that csc
> >> is done within next 2 weeks. At least 'new' participants wouldnt
> >> invest effort in that if they have an eye on rc5. Of course, i share
> >> the thought that many 'power-teams' rather proceed with rc5; after all
> >> csc could be much faster in the moment.
> >
> >That is a proven fact. The 'big shark' in my team isn't making a single
> >block in CSC. And I miself, that am a small one, have only half of my CPU
> >power working on CSC, because I don't want to drop below the Top 100 Team
> >members. If that happens with most of our teams it means that really we have
> >less than 1/4 of the total CPU power working on CSC. Another reason is that
> >Rc5-64 will be around for a long while, but CSC will soon be over. CPU
> >cycles used on CSC will then be 'lost', so why no work  on RC5 and stand
> >your ground? Now you cross-link the stats, and the problem is gone!!
>Our local department store awards points for every $ we spent. When the store
>wants to push certain items, it doesn't drop the price but instead, awards
>bonus points for that item. Maybe we need a new stat, one where 1 RC5 block
>processed gives you 1 point, and 1 CSC block gives you 5 (?) points? That
>would be an incentive to do CSC, especially if the individual (RC5/CSC/...)
>stats are no longer made publicly available, so anyone except myself would
>have to guess what I'm working on, since they would only see me doing 10 
>points/second (I wish). Off course, I would still like to see my individual
>stats myself.

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