[RC5] How long would it take?

Greg Andrews duck1 at ecn.ab.ca
Thu Dec 16 20:09:31 EST 1999

k, peoples, I know I'm opening a big can of worms here, but with all this
discussion of waiting for computing power to get better, the following has
crossed my mind:  How long will RC5 take anyway, assuming 50% as completion
(or should 100% be completion?)?

I've gone over this a few times, and alas, this is beyong a young math
student like myself.  To get a very accurate readout, you'd need to
calculate in:
-Current %
-Total Keyrate
-Rate of user growth
-Moore's law, knowing that regardless of our number of users, the keyrate
will always speed up because of computing power.

Anyone up to the calculations?

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