[RC5] e-mail notification of obsolete clients

Pål Sollie sollie at saint-etienne.no
Sun Dec 19 04:15:46 EST 1999

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From: "Spinks, James" <jspinks at banyan.com>
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Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 22:08:42 -0000

>Maybe instead of sending an e-mail notification, why not add _another_ set
>of facts to the stats pages something along the lines of:
>	31 blocks were completed yesterday (0.00001155% of the keyspace) 
>	at a sustained rate of 96 KKeys/sec! Ranked 16,222 for the day. 
>	This is about 9% of the rate of this participant's best day ever,
>which was 
>	13-Dec-1999 when 357 blocks were completed at a rate of 1,109
>	2.8003.448	15 blocks (v%)
>	2.8003.447	 7 blocks (w%)
>	2.8003.446	 5 blocks (x%)
>	2.7112.444	 2 blocks (y%)
>	2.7105.432	 2 blocks (z%)
>This way everyone gets to see how lazy you are at keeping your clients up to
>date... :)  [I'm so lazy I couldn't be bothered to work out the

You still need to know which client is running which version - the way you describe is way inefficient. You'd have to check evero one of your clients to figure out which one is outdated.

Pål Sollie
sparkz at ikke.no

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