[RC5] Benchmarks, speedups and plain weird stuff

Zypher rc5 at planetfortress.com
Sun Dec 19 00:35:04 EST 1999

I've noticed with CSC and newer clients (like the latest one that is 2X
faster for CSC ;) that it 'speeds up' while doing blocks.

I leave my computer on all day, and it has the same backround tasks running
while I'm at work, nothing scheduled and no auto-runs.

On my Athlon 750 *grin* it benches at

But, when I come home hours later, it has done 7 2^32 blocks.

The first block will be around (for example) 1500 (I was using the computer
part of the time) and the next one will be the first 'unaffected' block. It
runs at 2233. (2,232,922.36 to be exact) Each block after that speeds up
until today for the 7th undisturbed block its 2271! No matter how many times
and ways I benchmark and reboot, it still reports 2230-2233. I minimize
during the day, but for all 7 blocks.

No thats not *much* of an increase, but absolutely nothing changed on the
computer. Its a very fresh (3 days old) install of Win98, and only Explorer,
Systray and DnetC are running tasks. (ctrl alt del) And this is all while
I'm away from home, not touching the puter.

Anyone have an idea why or how my computer is getting an extra 30-40 kkeys a
second after computing 6 undisturbed blocks before? Its a steady increase
too, around 5 kkeys per 2^32 block. I don't think its error from disk access
for each block either, I haev plenty of ram, and it takes an hour for each
block. 1 second of r/w disc access cannot make 30-40 kkeys difference over
an hour, of that I'm sure.

RC5 seems to do something similar, but I usually update my buffers before it
gets a chance to do more than 1-2 blocks.

Let me emphasize one mroe time, no one is using the computer, and nothing
else is running. I'm 'burning in' the cpu. Also the cpu stays within the
same range, wcpuid shows it around 748.5x mhz with very little variance.

-- New Topic --
Also, to those who suggested tracking the # of clients using an email
address, or tracking the clients period:


Contrary to what we all would like (T3 lines in our houses) most people are
on Dialup PPP accounts. Dynamic IPs ;) Even those lucky SOBs...er I
mean...fortunate people with dsl, cable and other lp/HB connections
sometimes have dynamic ips, and anyone with dhcp usually gets a fresh one on
bootup too. Don't forget about proxies and firewalls.

How do you track the client? Sure you could start serial numbers etc etc
etc, but its 1) a hassle 2) a target to be cracked and 3) not a pefect
solution. (new # for each download... or what? ;)
rc5 at planetfortress.com

STILL waiting for dsl :/
Grabbed a 750 Athlon though :)

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