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Pål Sollie sollie at saint-etienne.no
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From: Tom Cramer <drakino at usa.net>
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>Honestly I thought distributed.net was a coordinated effort to prove that 
>brute force decryption is possible on certain encryption 
>algorithms.  Friendly stats competition is always good, but when stats 
>become more important then the original goal of the overall system, nothing 
>useful will be accomplished.  I enjoy seeing stats for my small team like 
>many others out there, but I don't see it as a competition.  My team will 
>most likely never be noticed by anyone watching the top 100 teams, nor the 
>same for my e-mail address.  But yet I am contributing to the CSC effort to 
>help the overall goal of d.net.  That is what I feel is important when I 
>tell people about d.net, and why I continue to find systems to install and 
>maintain the client on.  I don't try to install d.net on systems to get my 
>name higher on the list.  I install d.net clients to bring d.net closer to 
>it's goals.
>The people who insist on not running CSC for stats reasons are only hurting 
>the people trying to prove something.  Maybe it's time for statbox ii to 
>break down for a short time so people might realize what the project is 
>really about.

'Kinda have to agree with Tom here. The overall goal of d.net, proving a point *and* the powers of distributed computing in general should be the main issue here. of course, it's fun to see the stats, as a matter of fact, I read my stats single every day, without exeptions, and have been doing so for quite a while. Of course it's fun to see how high one can get on the stats, but the most interesting thing is to see how well distributed computing works.

Pål Sollie
sparkz at ikke.no

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