[RC5] Benchmarks, speedups and plain weird stuff

Kurt Billmann wizard at aasp.net
Mon Dec 20 04:28:02 EST 1999


If you are truly running a "750 MHz." with CSC blocks you should be
finishing a block in about 10 mins.

I am running a 600 MHz. Pentium III & found my best benchmark was running a
core #1 "6 bit bit slice.  I finish a block in about 12 minutes. with about
1.3-1.5 million keys a second.

When I let the client decide "-1" option it was very slow, it would take
about 1/2 hour to complete & I was lucky if I did 448,000 keys a second.

I am not running a full 2*32 packet as you are though, maybe that is the
difference?  I am doing a 2*28.

At 12:35 AM 12/19/99 , you wrote:
>I've noticed with CSC and newer clients (like the latest one that is 2X
>faster for CSC ;) that it 'speeds up' while doing blocks.
>I leave my computer on all day, and it has the same backround tasks running
>while I'm at work, nothing scheduled and no auto-runs.
>On my Athlon 750 *grin* it benches at
>But, when I come home hours later, it has done 7 2^32 blocks.

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